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Remainders: The Common Core tour heads to New York City

  • Top state education officials will host public forums on the standards next week. (GS Blog, Ed Notes)
  • One teacher explains why she asks students to talk about tragedy in her current events class. (Atlantic)
  • At many schools, long cafeteria lines mean just a few minutes are left for scarfing down lunch. (NPR)
  • One in four public school parents say their schools give phys ed short shrift. (Schooled in Sports)
  • One Alabama district will soon be handing cash to students who earn high ACT scores. (Answer Sheet)
  • Seniority and teacher discipline are two looming issues with NYC’s teacher contracts. (Teacher Beat)
  • A principal describes the “most emotionally and physically demanding…rewarding job.” (HuffPost)
  • Children in a Swiss “forest kindergarten” get to explore and play on rope swings. (Joanne Jacobs)