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Remainders: The connections between PISA scores and poverty

  • Poverty rates alone don’t explain the U.S.’s low PISA scores, which came out today. (Hechinger)
  • Dana Goldstein: Parsing PISA means examining income inequality, tracking, and healthcare, too. (Slate)
  • Diane Ravitch: Remember that the U.S. has never been first on international tests. (Answer Sheet)
  • Shanghai isn’t “China”—and one writer says it’s cheating to allow the media to equate them. (Slate)
  • STEAM (STEM plus arts) education is catching on nationwide—and at some Brooklyn schools. (WSJ)
  • Alexander Russo: NY Magazine’s piece on the anti-testing push misses a chunk of the big picture.
  • What has the Young Men’s Initiative done, $129 million and a variety of programs later? (City Limits)
  • Amy McIntosh, a key player in New York state teacher evaluations work, is headed to DC. (Politics K-12)
  • InsideSchools‘ Judy Baum: Be careful about holding your December-born child back from kindergarten.
  • Sequestration has meant significant cuts for education of Native American children. (EdWeek)
  • How to describe a favorite teacher? With more than a couple of “Boy Meets World” gifs. (BuzzFeed)

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