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Remainders: Ideas for the next administration as break begins

  • A five-part essay criticizing the city’s ed policies on Diane Ravitch’s blog ends with two dozen proposals.
  • A former NASA engineer says teaching involves a lot more difficult problem-solving—and failure. (Slate)
  • An educator says he doesn’t expect teachers “to fall in love with the next chancellor.” (JD2718)
  • Bloomberg on his last John Gambling appearance: changes to ed policy “a potential disaster.” (WSJ)
  • An eight-year-old P.S. 152 student was killed by a truck this morning before school. (WSJ)
  • Here’s how the learning gap grows over time between children of different income brackets. (EdWeek)
  • A look at D.C.’s improved NAEP scores, and a suggestion to further boost them. (Greater Greater Ed)
  • A Congressman from Georgia said poor students should sweep floors to get free school lunch. (AP)
  • Lawrence Summers and Arne Duncan publicly voiced support for de Blasio’s pre-K plan today. (NY1)
  • A study finds that gifted classes don’t improve scores much for borderline students. (Atlantic)
  • This video from the Fordham Institute has us speechless here at GothamSchools. (EdExcellence)
  • Happy holidays! We’ll be following the chancellor pick, of course, but otherwise we’ll be off until Bill de Blasio’s inaugural events at the start of the new year.

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