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Remainders: When job security tops the anti-testing movement

  • A teacher explains why she’s not heeding colleagues’ calls to not give standardized tests. (Pernille Ripp)
  • New York City is looking to CUNY to fill a need for more bilingually certified teachers. (China Daily)
  • A new summer school program seeks to address an old problem: summer learning gaps. (Forbes)
  • A preview of what’s in store for “edtech” in high schools and colleges in 2014 and beyond. (Economist)
  • A U.S. transplant teaching in Finnish schools said more breaks are a big difference. (EdWeek Teachers)
  • Arts education not only unseals creativity; it also lifts morale and improves school culture. (WNYC)
  • An angel investor to Twitter is now trying to raise funds to develop a school’s chess program. (DNAInfo)
  • A detailed look at the background of Josh Starr, a rumored candidate for the next chancellor. (NYC PSP)
  • A schools reporter in New York recaps dueling narratives about the education debate. (Hall Monitor)
  • A New York City teacher discovers that her personal Twitter use has professional benefits. (NQT)
  • City Council members say the education committee is too big and needs to be cut. (Erin Durkin Twitter)