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Remainders: Lessons on how to share school space in NYC

  • A group of city principals share best practices on how to do more with less space. (Schoolbook)
  • Six states (not New York) won a share of $280 million in federal early learning grants. (AP)
  • New report: City class sizes hit yet another high, the largest since 15 years. (Ed Law Center)
  • In Camden, just two students who took SAT’s received “college ready” scores. (Newser)
  • To prove a point, a researcher finds a correlation between PISA scores and christmas. (EdNext)
  • NYC’s NAEP math scores were better than its “poverty ranking” would suggest. (Hech Report)
  • Boys & Girls’ principal said he was disrespected over plans to co-locate a new school. (DNA Info)
  • A Bloomberg retrospective on public schools from one of his tenure’s fiercest critics. (Indypendent)