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Rise & Shine: Big cities see gains on test scores over 10 years

  • NYC’s test scores increased slower than other cities. (GothamSchools, WSJ, Times, NY1, News)
  • As a whole, large urban districts still lag, but they’re creeping closer to national averages (WSJ)
  • A closer look at test scores in Cleveland, the only big city that’s done worse in ten years. (Plain Dealer)
  • A 12-year assessment of Bloomberg’s record on schools concludes: mixed “at best.” (Daily News)
  • Education officials are scrambling to come up with school busing options for 40,000 kids. (News)
  • A Union Square building housing seven schools offers a snapshot of Bloomberg’s reforms. (WNYC)
  • New Common Core-aligned tests for students with disabilities have stirred concerns. (GothamSchools)
  • The Walton Foundation is pouring $6 million in hopes of increasing voucher programs (Chalkbeat TN)
  • The state teachers union is headed to court to argue against the state’s property tax cap. (Times Union)
  • An audit found that some school districts have budget surpluses despite high taxes. (Capital NY)