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Remainders: School districts spared from federal budget cuts

  • Congress approved a two-year deal that rolls back automatic cuts to all federal programs. (EdWeek)
  • Teachers unions said the money should go to big programs, not competitive grants. (AASA)
  • Urban districts may not have fared as well on the “nation’s report card” as some say. (Flypaper)
  • The power of Promise Neighborhoods is diluted when students go to school outside them. (HuffPo)
  • The Teachers’ Retirement System divested from South Africa in the 1980s to fight apartheid. (EdWize)
  • A children’s book publisher says kids can have fun on tablets but they can’t get lost in stories. (Atlantic)
  • Diane Ravitch, “a 75-year-old grandmother,” inspired a nationwide network with her blog. (Governing)
  • A list of the 75 best-selling ed books in 2013 includes ones by Ravitch, Kozol and two Carrs. (Times)
  • The Observer says Carmen Farina or anyone else the UFT might support as chancellor is a bad choice.