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Rise & Shine: Push back for new Nelson Mandela high school

  • The new school named for Nelson Mandela isn’t being fully welcomed by its future cohabitants. (Fox NY)
  • Carmen Farina is poised to be the next chancellor, in part because she has the least knocks. (TimesPost)
  • Teaching, funding and integrations stand out in three countries with top education systems. (Times)
  • Charter school parents are fighting to keep it open, with one eye on an exit strategy. (GothamSchools)
  • New Mexico’s schools chief is bearing the brunt of criticism around new teacher evaluations. (Times)
  • Teachers are turning to donation web sites to upgrade their classroom supplies. (GothamSchools)
  • A city-sponsored report finds its school reforms worked and will yield big economic gains. (Capital NY)
  • A math teacher in Harlem is seeing results with students thanks to the school’s flight simulator. (WSJ)
  • A therapy pilot to reduce recidivism for New York City teens could have big returns for its funder. (AP)
  • Michael Goodwin: Bloomberg’s enduring legacy on schools will be his work on developing charters.