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Remainders: A mad dash to earn a GED before New Year’s

  • Students are rushing to take the GED exam before a harder version is introduced next year. (City Limits)
  • A new report says that expanding pre-K would eventually save the state nearly $2 billion. (Capital)
  • Another report says the Bloomberg-era graduation rate rise is worth $15 billion for students. (Sonecon)
  • A Cal. program helps students spin stories of adversity into winning college essays. (Voice of San Diego)
  • For students of color, the toll of attending an elite school can seem to outweigh the benefits. (Atlantic)
  • Fewer than half of all students who entered college in 2007 finished school where they started. (AP)
  • For a reminder of how deeply high school can bore students, read some of their tweets. (New Republic)
  • Brothers, who happen to be two of Boston’s top high school students, face a tough home life. (Globe)
  • As school districts collect more student data, critics have raised concerns about their privacy. (Pew)