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Remainders: Concrete ideas for increasing parent involvement

  • A nonprofit leader explains where de Blasio should look for better parent involvement. (Insideschools)
  • A Murry Bergtraum teacher sees lessons for the mayor-elect in the school’s struggles. (Labor’s Lessons)
  • School papers in the city have helped explain evaluations and filed FOIA requests. (Schoolbook)
  • The P.S. 22 chorus got a visit from a “Walking Dead” actress and sang with her, too. (P.S. 22)
  • The new shop class involves robotics and doesn’t “stop you from going to Harvard.” (Atlantic)
  • Esther Cepeda: not teaching classroom management techniques is a setup for failure. (Wash Post)
  • What happens to all the stuff in schools Chicago closed? A mad dash for usable things. (WBEZ)
  • Some educated in the first wave of fundamentalist homeschooling are looking back. (American Prospect)
  • Charter schools that contract out services get out of public schools’ financial disclosure laws. (Times)