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Remainders: D.C. schools chief says she’s staying in the capital

  • D.C.’s Kaya Henderson, rumored chancellor candidate: “I’m not about to leave.” (Daily News)
  • Officials say a Colorado high schooler shot two students and then himself today. (LA Times)
  • One year after Newtown, the U.S. has seen no reduction in deadly school shootings. (Daily Beast)
  • An effort to track gun deaths after Newtown raised more questions than it answered. (Slate)
  • Washington state judge: charter schools can’t be considered “common schools.” (Answer Sheet)
  • An editor says the principal who banned homework once a week is a hero. (Insideschools)
  • Bill de Blasio says he’ll work with Obama to focus Congress on “investments in education.” (Crain’s)
  • A teacher says it’s wrong to deny students the chance to learn cursive, a still-relevant skill. (Atlantic)
  • Dasani, the 11-year-old profiled in the Times this week, now has a trust set up for her. (Times)
  • Energy-efficient lights and laptops may be making students sleepier nationwide. (EdWeek)
  • A report finds that finding the path from teacher to school leader is often left to chance. (Bain)
  • P-TECH’s principal explains his philosophy of expecting success from his students. (City & State)