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Rise & Shine: Teach for America expanding to upstate city

  • Buffalo will be able to hire up to 60 TFA recruits over two years for needy teacher jobs. (Buffalo News)
  • Daycare and pre-K students will soon be required to receive flu vaccinations to attend school.  (Post)
  • School overcrowding in western Queens is one area of focus in the mayoral transition. (Times-Ledger)
  • A charter school will keep an emergency policy that puts students in a ‘calm-down’ room. (Daily News)
  • Walcott says progress reports and school options are top items for the next mayor to keep. (Capital NY)
  • School board members don’t want student data shared with a data company. (GS in Brief, Times-Union)
  • Mike Petrilli says de Blasio’s pre-K ambitions will falter if he can’t improve elementary schools. (News)
  • Long Island school districts have spent big on safety in the year since Newtown’s shootings. (Newsday)