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Remainders: Teachers’ role in creating the Common Core

  • More questions are raised about what teachers were on the Common Core ground floor. (EdWeek)
  • Study: Attractive students get more attention and friends. They also do better in school. (Time)
  • Debate over three reading strategies is a distraction; it’s not what teachers should avoid. (Ed Excellence)
  • A writer answers the Times’ editorial board’s question: Yes, sometimes math must be boring. (Slate)
  • And, yes, a SAT tutor writes, sometimes it’s important to know what “unscrupulous” means. (Atlantic)
  • Two-thirds of students who passed the SAT attended about 60 of the city’s high schools. (EdWize)
  • Eva Moskowitz says she doesn’t get special treatment from the city, just that she pesters more. (WNYC)
  • A new report outlines ways for districts to build a minor league for school principals. (EdWeek)