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Remainders: Why Common Core protests may grow quieter

  • The history of NCLB indicates that opposition to the Common Core will die down. (Alexander Russo)
  • Rumored chancellor candidate Josh Starr: “We test way too much, with bad tests.” (Learning Matters)
  • But Starr’s candidacy is complicated by Bill de Blasio’s stated commitments to diversity. (Politicker)
  • Two other potential candidates have different underlying instructional philosophies. (Ed Notes Online)
  • Giving effective praise is an ignored piece of classroom management in teacher training. (Atlantic)
  • Michael Lopez parses the argument that Common Core is aimed at creating corporate workers.
  • NYSUT president Dick Iannuzzi: The education train is going on the wrong direction. (City & State)
  • More parents are looking to after-school exercise, thanks to cutbacks in physical education. (NPR)
  • Staff members are looking for a way forward after a charter school’s board voted to close. (GS in Brief)
  • In San Diego, officials passed but haven’t enacted a plan meant to limit suspensions. (Voice of SD)
  • And as today’s snowfall melts, a teacher recounts the fun of seeing high schoolers play. (NYC Educator)