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Remainders: If Harry Potter's Hogwarts received a quality review

  • A satirical review of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts finds that most students are struggling in wizardry. (Slate)
  • An early education advocate says de Blasio’s pre-K plan has bigger issues than funding. (Sara Mead)
  • The “School Choice” party got more votes than the “Students First” party in the mayor’s race. (Politicker)
  • Here’s a full rundown of what Tuesday’s elections across the nation mean for education. (Politics K-12)
  • Another look at the Castle Bridge school where parents opted out of early-grades testing this fall. (Nation)
  • The New America Foundation launched a website that collects education data and analysis. (Ed Central)
  • The grandson of Holocaust survivors explains why he speaks at New York City schools. (Atlantic)