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Rise & Shine: New American Academy hype undercut by scores

  • Much-hyped New American Academy won’t add a middle school after posting low scores. (Daily News)
  • Despite its own struggles, Harlem Village Academies is starting an education school. (GothamSchools)
  • The city is subsidizing schools to add assistant principals to help with evaluations. (GothamSchools)
  • Mayor Bloomberg wants Colorado voters to okay $1 billion in school taxes. (Times, EdNews Colorado)
  • New Yorkers face a vote on allowing casinos that could bring $94 million to city schools. (Daily News)
  • A Christian church has been proselytizing outside Community Roots Charter School. (Daily News)
  • A Bronx teen and her family allege in a lawsuit that her Catholic school expelled her for being gay. (Post)
  • City private school parties are so rowdy that some schools are asking parents to keep students out. (Post)
  • Checker Finn: Half of Bill de Blasio’s education ideas are sound; half are weak or even perilous. (Post)
  • Programs to help students in foster care transition to college boost their chances of succeeding. (Times)
  • As schools issue iPads and other devices to their students, they become targets for thieves. (USA Today)
  • When Florida asked for public comments about the Common Core standards, it got over 19,000. (AP)