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Remainders: A list of lists on what the future of education needs

  • Communication, transportation, and tech dot a special education wish list to Bill de Blasio. (Schoolbook)
  • Star teachers from around the country made their own list of what’s missing in the profession. (In the tank)
  • An education site covers what it sees as the most urgent issues to tackle for de Blasio. (Dropout Nation)
  • Parents who oppose tests made a video telling de Blasio why their kids like school. (Parent Voices NY)
  • The city teachers union’s political spending is at the center of a campaign finance investigation. (Times)
  • New York Magazine covers the growing number of students who opted out of state tests…(NY Mag)
  • …and in a spate of fact-checking tweets, WNYC’s Beth Fertig clears up parts of what the story missed.
  • Geoffrey Canada argues reforms aren’t controversial if based on the “science of education. (CNN)
  • Science affects everything in our lives, so why can’t public education make it relevant? (Orion Magazine)
  • One in five city school children are “food insecure” and demand at food pantries are up. (NYCCAH)
  • National union leaders joined the board of an arts and sciences education organization. (Business Wire)
  • Safe travels if you’re headed out of town for the holiday. And have a Happy Thanksgiving!