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Rise & Shine: Principals pitch plan to de Blasio to save networks

  • Some principals want Bill de Blasio to think twice before shaking things up. (GothamSchools, NY1)
  • A look at the little-known group in Albany that’s helping steer state education policy. (Times Union)
  • New York is the first state to commit to store student data with inBloom, though a lawsuit looms. (AP)
  • A Buffalo teacher is in trouble for a letter she sent home to parents about student hygiene. (Buffalo News)
  • A student stuck on a single test needed to graduate is Merryl Tisch’s “poster child.” (GothamSchools)
  • School districts haven’t exactly been rushing to apply for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s grants. (Capital NY)
  • Frank Bruni echos Arne Duncan’s concerns that Common Core push back comes from coddling parents.
  • Common Core standards are particularly hard on the state’s English language learners. (City & State)
  • Texas school board members flagged a science text book over its statements on evolution. (Times)
  • A tale of a family’s attempts to give their young son with autism a chance to thrive in school. (Huff Post)
  • There is concern that de Blasio’s transition team doesn’t include enough charter advocates. (Daily News)
  • A school model popular in Chicago is showing policy makers one way to do early education. (Hechinger)
  • The United Arab Emirates is bulking up vocational training to help boys graduate high school. (Times)