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Remainders: The research-backed return of teacher merit pay

  • A study of teachers in 10 cities shows that (significant) merit pay incentives can improve results. (Slate)
  • Here’s a rundown of positions taken by Kathleen Cashin, a name being floated for chancellor. (NYCPSP)
  • How should parents react to a teacher’s grammatical errors? Most end up saying nothing. (Eduflack)
  • STEM graduates are among the highest-paid, but often leave after age 35 for other opportunities. (NPR)
  • Local parents and activists are meeting about the future of Beacon High’s building tonight. (DNAInfo)
  • A psychology prof is wary but impressed with Pearson’s goal to measure learning. (Daniel Willingham)
  • The Maurice Sendak Foundation is giving a Park Slope school financial (and moral) support. (DNAInfo)
  • Maryland is the latest state facing opposition to its rollout of Common Core standards. (Washington Post)
  • Diane Ravitch: Parents hate Common Core because of the “failing” label attached to their kids’ scores.