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Remainders: What the U.S. can learn from Japanese schools

  • A new book looks for lessons in Japan’s test- and discipline-driven education system. (Atlantic)
  • On the radio, Mayor Bloomberg said it’s time kids (and parents) got used to tests. Lots of tests. (Capital)
  • What makes a “good” urban school? Slate’s podcast tackles that with an author and an ed researcher.
  • The key to kindergarten admissions, according to Insideschools? Don’t rank schools you don’t like.
  • Psychologist: score cutoffs for gifted programs can miss kids who would benefit from them. (Hechinger)
  • Research: mentors who protect students from consequences could hurt character development. (Russo)
  • Marc Tucker: Shanghai’s school system is great because of fundamentals, not charters and vouchers.
  • Not all schools that received big federal grants saw their scores improve, even by a few points. (HuffPost)