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Remainders: N.Y. principals pen letter panning new state tests

  • Over 500 principals have outlined concerns with new Common Core tests in a letter. (Answer Sheet)
  • Improved teacher training can only take the school system so far, a master’s student argues. (City Limits)
  • A mother reconsiders school choice now that her second child faces stiffer competition. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Parent-teacher conferences in some schools have been cut to frenetic three-minute meetings. (DNA Info)
  • Arne Duncan launched an ad campaign to recruit teachers after a week of controversy. (GS in brief)
  • Another Duncan headline: New York City’s Seth Andrew is now his senior advisor. (Seth’s Twitter feed)
  • A postmortem on Colorado’s failed effort to reform funding for its public schools. (EdNews Colorado)
  • A NYC teacher says state reforms, familiar in cities, are finding a formidable foe in suburbia. (HuffPo)
  • Mike Mulgrew said Bloomberg’s budget projections, which eliminate a gap, is trickery. (GS in Brief)
  • Geoffrey Canada thinks his Harlem school model can work for rural communities. (Rural Education)
  • A UFT blogger writes that how, specifically, to change the school support system is unclear. (EdWize)
  • Abraham Lincoln High School’s football team is hoping to recover from Sandy with a title. (Bklynr)