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Remainders: A teacher's suggestion for reducing the ATR pool

  • A teacher blogger offers one way for de Blasio to empty out the Absent Teacher Reserve pool. (Chaz)
  • As the deadline for high school applications approaches, here are a few last tips. (InsideSchools)
  • Tests tied to teacher evaluations might be invalidated because they were “leaked” online. (Curtis Log)
  • A reminder for parents of struggling students to ask about special teacher conferences. (NYC CEJ)
  • The Times asks: who is the “mayor” of your school? It’s clear at one Bushwick high school.
  • John King said he’s open to toughening laws around student data violations. (Capital NY)
  • In Arizona, advocates are appealing a decision that eliminated ethnic studies classes. (Ed Week)
  • To help their kids tackle the Common Core, parents are heading back to school. (The Advocate)