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Rise & Shine: Failing students who are truant can turn it around

  • A study tracking chronically absent students who start going to school showed big gains. (WSJ)
  • Bob McManus: Arne Duncan’s ‘mom’ comments might have hurt, but someone had to say it. (Post)
  • A Bronx school with funding for an extended day is using private literacy tutors. (GothamSchools)
  • The Times argues progress in states leading on school reforms is proof they are working.
  • Students enrolled in two high-tech math pilots over four years made test gains. (GothamSchools)
  • One of the two charter schools that was started by the city teachers union is thriving. (Daily News)
  • The state is shortening math and reading tests this year. (Daily News, Schoolbook, Capital NY)
  • An upstate district is asking inBloom to withhold all data processing for its students. (Po-Jo)
  • The Bronx still leads the city in student discipline, though arrests and suspensions are down. (News)
  • The Times says recent NAEP scores should be considered “advertisements for the Common Core.”