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Rise & Shine: Two Brooklyn charter schools are facing closure

  • The board of Beginning With Children Charter School will close the school over contract issues. (Post)
  • The city wants state approval to close Fahari Academy Charter School. (GothamSchoolsDaily News)
  • A top education department official broke city rules by hiring a teacher who was on leave. (Daily News)
  • A reporter testing security at city schools was able to walk into 7 of 10 without being stopped. (NBC NY)
  • Obama will launch a $100 million contest today to overhaul high schools by replicating P-TECH. (WSJ)
  • Class sizes in New York City, rising for the last six years, are now 25 students on average. (Daily News)
  • Education policy makers have decided to shorten the amount of time that state tests will take. (Newsday)
  • A mother says P.S. 155 in Brooklyn lost track of her son when he left the building Friday. (Daily News)
  • A new study found benefits to a high-tech math program pioneered in city schools. (GothamSchools)
  • Parents in Albany rallied against the Common Core during a day of national protests. (GothamSchools)
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the transition to the new standards has been “problematic.” (Daily News)
  • Ed Sec Arne Duncan apologized for labeling Common Core critics as “white suburban moms.” (CNN)
  • The New York Post says Duncan’s comment didn’t feel nice but reflected a hard truth that must be said.
  • An ex-state teacher of the year says she was just “effective” on her evaluation. (Syracuse Post-Standard)
  • A Bronx Catholic school postponed a divisive talk by a priest who opposes same-sex marriage. (Times)
  • With two weeks until high-school applications are due, eighth-graders are finishing up. (SchoolBook)
  • Local colleges could take a leading role in running some schools in Rochester. (Democrat & Chronicle)