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We’re not sure either …

As we prepare to relaunch our website, we’re doing a bit of maintenance. Along the way, we found a lot of tags that were created but not used—some of which are clearly mistakes, and others are just amusing. The full list:

  • Michapublic scpublic school pipublic school picchool pi
  • teachers’ choi
  • Sr.
  • Generation O
  • convergence insufficiency
  • Jezebel
  • Cookie Monster
  • ed sec spect
  • Ben Smith
  • jokes
  • sitting down
  • Bill Di Blasio
  • not quite judas but…
  • or “maybe he’s purple”?
  • cocktail circuit
  • Lil Mama
  • an awkward dance over charters
  • we did not come here to fear the future
  • 700 lb gorilla
  • The most bored children in New York
  • got 99 problems but regent’s prep ain’t one
  • the teacheratti
  • shael po
  • iOpine
  • middle schoolers actually worse off
  • may the best robot win
  • today is a sad day
  • ghost custodians
  • Michael Bloo
  • be progressive be be progressive
  • well you asked

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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