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Remainders: The fallout from Arne Duncan's 'moms' comment

  • Arne Duncan made waves with a comment white moms opposing the Common Core. (CNN)
  • He apologized today for “clumsy phrasing.” But not before many parsed his words. (AP)
  • Jose Vilson: That statement deserves outrage for its racialized ‘mansplaining,’ but so do others.
  • Alexander Russo: Duncan shouldn’t panic—and test proliferation may be the real issue here.
  • Professor Aaron Pallas: Those parents’ resistance isn’t just a reflection of personal interests.
  • Many teachers face a difficult dilemma: wanting more leadership, but not a principalship. (Atlantic)
  • A retired principal says Bloomberg’s school reforms have encouraged segregation. (Diane Ravitch)
  • One billionaire says he’ll be “unrelenting” in pushing his education policy on Bill de Blasio. (Forbes)
  • According to this working paper, good early childhood education can improve character. (NBER)
  • Students at Bryant High School in Long Island City protested for a new principal. (LIC Journal)
  • A Teachers College professor says assisting city students with health services is crucial. (EdNews)