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Rise & Shine: New poll finds little confidence in state ed reforms

  • A new statewide poll finds little confidence in state education policy changes. (Syracuse Post-Standard)
  • Common Core criticism at public forums has been a test for state education chief John King. (Times)
  • Though he has resisted much criticism, King has softly critiqued early-grades bubble tests. (Daily News)
  • The city’s 4,000-student Eagle Academy network marks a resurgence for all-boys public schools. (AP)
  • New York City is using open data to let developers tackle the high school admissions process. (EdWeek)
  • Charter school leaders are planning to work with Bill de Blasio, who has criticized the sector. (Newsday)
  • In Chicago, parents held a “neighborhood schools fair” as a counterpoint to choice. (DNAInfo Chicago)
  • Black leaders in Buffalo are working together to coordinate school mentoring programs. (Buffalo News)