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Remainders: A vocabulary lesson in a polarized debate

  • Words to broadly label sides in the education discussion often aren’t used the way they’re meant. (TNTP)
  • The man behind free online education classes is reversing course, saying they don’t work. (Fast Co.)
  • A philanthropist donated to fact-checkers after Diane Ravitch erred in criticizing his earnings. (EdWeek)
  • Toronto canceled school trips to City Hall because the Rob Ford scandal was too “unsafe.” (Toronto Sun)
  • A Philadelphia student whose school was closed due to cuts still wants to go to college. (Color Lines)
  • A middle school with the city’s top progress report grade won the right to expand to a high school. (DNA)
  • Bill de Blasio replied on a survey last year that his chancellor won’t need a state waiver. (NYC PSP)
  • More school districts in the lower Hudson region are forfeiting their Race to the Top funding. (Lohud)