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Remainders: New safety rules announced after disappearance

  • The city is amending safety procedures in response to Avonte Oquendo’s disappearance. (Schoolbook)
  • To see improvements, a writer says Chicago schools must put focus on poverty. (Chicago Reader)
  • One take: Teach for America is the go-to because top schools are snobs about education. (Atlantic)
  • Nationwide, parents of special education students say budget cuts have hurt their services. (HuffPost)
  • Not all uptown elementary schools got Kindergarten Connect memo, adding to confusion. (DNAInfo)
  • Assailed Teacher: The Common Core focuses too much on the literal at expense of the imaginative.
  • Four reasons why high instructional standards matter, but aren’t everything. (Common Core Watch)
  • And join me tomorrow for a screening of “The New Public” and a talk at 7:30 p.m. at Maylses Cinema.