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Remainders: Get ready for (the last round of?) progress reports

  • In what could be the end of an era, school progress reports come out tomorrow. (GS in Brief)
  • Six new apps to navigate the high school search are being released tonight. Here’s one preview.
  • Some sample Common Core-aligned math items don’t quite add up, one writer says. (CCSSI Math)
  • A message to UFT members: you helped win the mayoral election for Bill de Blasio. (Edwize)
  • Some upstate N.Y. parents are taking their children out of school to protest Common Core. (HuffPost)
  • In Philadelphia, the school system is looking for money by selling schools to developers. (Times)
  • One P-TECH student: Introducing Obama was “one of the greatest experiences.” (SchoolBook)
  • From moral assessments to #YOLO: a history of U.S. college entrance requirements. (Atlantic)
  • Don’t forget: Join us for a special screening of the documentary “The New Public” this Friday night.