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Remainders: What to do when you don't like your kid's teacher

  • A dad asks how to help his son with school when he himself doesn’t respect the teacher. (Insideschools)
  • A documentary airing this week features the struggles of an arts and innovation program. (Doc NYC)
  • A young woman discharged at 16 from school due to an anxiety disorder has her life on track. (Times)
  • Four city groups, including the NYC Leadership Academy, are set to get new federal funds. (GS in Brief)
  • Two teachers from low-income schools, including John Owens, discuss their experiences. (Slate)
  • Two researchers say schools should lose sight of trying to teach students that reading is fun. (Atlantic)
  • One boon of the Common Core, Sol Stern says, is that the Constitution will get read. (Real Clear Policy)
  • The “Escuela Nueva” method of one-room schooling in Colombia has helped poor people there. (Times)