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Remainders: Some Catholic scholars oppose the Common Core

  • More than 100 professors urged bishops not to bring the standards to Catholic schools. (Ed Week)
  • A Manhattan principal explains why her school opted out of the K-2 “bubble tests.” (SchoolBook)
  • Local students will no longer be guaranteed seats at four large zoned high schools. (City Limits)
  • A policy analyst says many experts find no real evidence to back the Common Core. (Cato Institute)
  • SUNY agreed to improve how it handles sexual-assault cases after a federal review. (Capital NY)
  • A professor says the Common Core book guidelines get complexity all wrong. (New Republic)
  • Harlem Village Academies plans to open its own graduate school of education. (GothamSchools)
  • An educator says grades do a poor job of communicating student learning. (HuffPo)