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Advocates want students and families involved in teacher evals

Advocates for Children of New York, a group that represents students in city schools, has released a policy paper calling on the city to put together an advisory group of parents and students to help steer teacher evaluation implementation.

Why should students and parents have a say in how the city evaluates teachers? Here’s what a Queens mother, Rachel B, told Advocates for Children:

I worry that teachers will be pressured to change the way they teach for the worse by teaching to the test, rather than focusing on what is best for the kids. I don’t want to see good teachers get punished by an unreasonable evaluation system…I think the DOE should know my opinion and those of other parents.

AFC examined advisory groups in other states and districts and found examples of places where student and parent buy-in has been solicited when new teacher evaluations are introduced. Read the complete report here.

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