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Remainders: Principal threatens to quit over co-location

  • A high school principal may resign if the city colocates a third school in the building. (DNAinfo)
  • A state education official said schools can assess teachers without adding more tests. (WNYC)
  • A teacher uses drawings to show how learning to rock climb changed how he teaches math. (Drawings)
  • Some students went to the hospital after Axe body spray was released in a classroom. (Daily News)
  • A Pennsylvania school district is taking “I (heart) boobies” bracelet fight to Supreme Court. (USA Today)
  • Two parents write about the fight to keep a charter school from c0-locating with IS 281. (Edwize)
  • The Shanker Blog reviews Linda Darling-Hammond’s new book Getting Teacher Evaluation Right.
  • Reports on teacher evaluations, new teachers’ average SAT scores were released today. (EWA)
  • Study finds minority students are more likely to be excluded through disciplinary practices. (EdWeek)