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Principals union president upset with Walcott’s plan to rotate excessed assistant principals

Here’s a letter from Ernie Logan, president of the Council of School Supervisors & Administrators:

Dear Members:

We are extremely disappointed to inform you that even after asking Chancellor Dennis Walcott to personally intervene, the DOE is insisting on moving forward with its ill-conceived plan to rotate excessed Assistant Principals on a monthly basis, starting on Monday, October 7. They should be informing you of this right now.

Yesterday, we personally asked the chancellor not to initiate the rotation until an arbitrator rules on the issue after a scheduled October 31 hearing. Our request fell on deaf ears.

In the spring, the DOE backed off this plan, saying that it did not want to destabilize the schools. Now, DOE officials are willing to destabilize the schools on a monthly basis. Schools that were planning to use these Assistant Principals to help implement the teachers’ APPR will have no ability to do so. Schools that were planning to use them to help with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards will have no ability to do that, either. This is a punitive move against Principals, APs, teachers and students.

We firmly believe that this plan has no basis in sound pedagogical practice and violates our collective bargaining agreement. It is extremely bad for children. If the DOE had been as focused on delivering your Common Core materials as they are on rotating your APs, the school system would have been far better off.

Ernest A. Logan

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