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Rise & Shine: UFT campaign funds went to fake consultant

  • The city teachers union paid more than $370,000 to a phony political consulting firm. (Crain’s NY)
  • If Bill de Blasio is elected, here’s five people he might pick to be the next chancellor. (GothamSchools)
  • The City Council took on school closures and co-locations. (GothamSchools, Schoolbook, Daily News)
  • Cuomo will focus on “tax relief,” which doesn’t bode well for de Blasio’s plan to raise taxes. (NY World)
  • Due to the government shutdown, four Head Start providers serving 3,200 children are closing. (AP)
  • Hillary Clinton will pushes for an expansion of early childhood education in her campaign. (HuffPo)
  • In a city test, students asked to read a speech by Mayor Bloomberg and assess his career. (Daily News)
  • Parents say a delay in translated Common Core materials hurt their children’s test scores. (DNAInfo)
  • Special education teachers say Common Core interferes with their teaching methods. (Riverdale Press)
  • The owner of a city preschool chain was sent to prison after stealing federal lunch money. (Daily News)
  • Seniors work to leave legacy at John F. Kennedy High School before it phases out. (Riverdale Press)
  • Nevadans say ed reform is more likely to help schools than more education funding. (Review Journal)
  • A state-funded program at Museum of Natural History awarded teaching degrees for first time. (NY1)