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Calling all photogs: We want to feature your school snapshots!

*This post has been updated to ensure contributors follow Department of Education policies.*

Calling all members of New York City public school communities: We want your help in creating a photo slideshow that displays the rich diversity of the New York City school system.

The slideshow will be one of the first features on our new website when we relaunch as Chalkbeat in the near future.

Take a picture of something that you think makes your school special. Then, send the picture with a caption explaining it. The caption can be one word or a full sentence.

We want this to be a fun project that will reflect your school community, but we don’t want you to violate any Department of Education policies or social media guidelines in the process. So please be mindful that students are not allowed to have cell phones at school and teachers must make sure that any students who are clearly identifiable in a photo have a signed media release on file.

And if you don’t have access to a camera, we’re happy to accept drawings as well!

Email photos to photos@gothamschools.org by Nov. 30 or tweet or Instagram them with the hashtag #SchoolSnapNY.

Be sure to include your name, school, and email address, as well as what grade you’re in or what classes you teach.