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Remainders: The many definitions of “English language learner”

  • Geographic differences in who gets the “English language learner” label have big impacts. (Stateline)
  • Paul Hill wrote a lengthy defense of Bloomberg’s education policies, with recommendations. (Atlantic)
  • A new nonprofit is focusing on how to get more students with disabilities into charter schools. (EdWeek)
  • A Massachusetts senator is investigating how student data is shared with tech companies. (Times Bits)
  • Why does Indiana matter on education policy? The editor of Chalkbeat Indiana has the answers.
  • And another notice of the launch of Chalkbeat, our national network of education news sites. (Russo)
  • A former editor rebuts the Star-Ledger’s Christie endorsement on educational grounds. (Bob Braun)
  • Eduwonk: John King’s “out of bounds” Common Core meeting actually seems to be par for the course.
  • The UFT’s executive board tabled a resolution to change a piece of teacher evaluation law. (JD2718)