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Voices from the 2013 high school search: Gabriel Nuñez

Gabriel Nuñez decided he doesn’t want to go to high school with his friends from M.S. 80 — he wants to start fresh.

“I’m excited that I’m going to move on and start a new education,” he said.

Nuñez, 14, wants to be a police officer. His school search is centered on finding a school that will put him on the path to that dream.

Though a little nervous about his state test scores — like many students’ this year, his were lower than he wanted — he shrugged off that concern with an easy grin and spoke about his hopes for next year instead.

The oldest of four, he and his mother are going through the school fair process for the first time. Nuñez said they have acted as partners in the school search process, with his mom making sure he stays focused on finding a school that will put him on the path to becoming a police officer, the end goal.

Jake Naughton is a student at CUNY Graduate School of Education.

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