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Rise & Shine: Bloomberg calls UFT’s evals opt-out “laughable”

  • Mayor Bloomberg criticized the UFT for not using state evaluation rules at its school. (Post, Daily News)
  • The Post says the union’s decision proves that it favors eschewing accountability over helping students.
  • With EdNews Colorado, we are launching a national nonprofit education news network. (USA Today)
  • A city-recommended Common Core curriculum asks kindergartners to draw “responsibility.” (Daily News)
  • A Syracuse parent and teacher say the state Common Core tests were bad for students. (Post-Standard)
  • The state set a new round of public forums about the tests after the first was canceled. (GothamSchools)
  • The Daily News praises state officials for defending embattled Education Commissioner John King.
  • Advocates are criticizing the city’s proposed space-sharing plans for overcrowding schools. (Daily News)
  • Ginia Bellefante: In the heated charter school wars, Renaissance Charter offers a middle ground. (Times)
  • Charter schools said de Blasio’s plan to charge them rent could put them in the red next year. (Post)
  • Volunteers flooded city schools over the weekend to spruce them up during New York Cares Day. (NY1)
  • The Daily News says Bill de Blasio’s plan to boost student achievement will require a lot from parents.
  • The Post says teachers are perfectly capable of deciding what toys and gadgets to ban in their classes.
  • The tutoring industry is lobbying lawmakers to preserve subsidies cut from No Child Left Behind. (Times)