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Voices from the 2013 high school search: Victoria Aranowicz

Grazyna and Yarek Aranowicz grew up in Poland and were forced by their families toward careers in engineering and business, respectively. Now, in America, they don’t want to push their daughter Victoria into a career. So they were at the Manhattan high school fair supporting her dream of a career in musical theater.

“Being miserable in life is just awful, even if it’s to make money. We had less options in Poland growing up,” said Graznya Aranowicz.

“That’s why we are letting her pursue her dream,” her husband added.

“Performing arts is kind of my life,” said Victoria, who is hoping for one of the coveted spots at the Professional Performing Arts High School in Manhattan. “It’s slightly stressful, but a lot of fun.”

Victoria plans to audition for PPAS with a song from “A Chorus Line” and a monologue from “The Crucible.”

Grazyna Aranowicz was positive but realistic about her daughter’s chances. “We’re going to stand by and support her in pursuing her dream,” she said. “But there’s stiff competition. You have to be better than the 20 kids sitting next to you.”

Oresti Tsonopoulos is a student at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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