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Voices from the 2013 high school search: Kenny Cohetero

Kenny Cohetero was ready to leave the Bronx high school fair at the Roosevelt Educational Campus after the first 15 minutes.

On arriving to the fair with his mom and little sister, he headed to the table where the Bronx Academy of Software Engineering was pitching its new program to Cohetero, 12, and thousands of other eighth graders and parents.

Cohetero said the school’s focus on computer programming, software designing, and app developing fits his interests.

“I make my own houses on Minecraft, paint art in computers,” he said.

The new school opened its doors in Belmont this year and only has ninth graders. Each year it will welcome a new year of freshmen until it runs as a four-year grade high school. Despite its untested approach, Cohetero was confident the program can teach him what he needs to learn to be an engineer. And he’s doing his part to improve his grades.

“I’ve been working hard and trying,” Cohetero said.

María Villaseñor is a student at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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