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Voices from the 2013 high school fair: Fanta Konate

For 12-year-old Fanta Konate, the right high school is the one with the right courses for future doctors. The eighth-grader wants to be a pediatrician, and she said it’s important to start preparing in high school.

“I haven’t decided on a school yet, but eventually I will apply to the school that I feel will challenge me and prepare me to be a doctor,” said Konate, who lives in Harlem.

Pace High School in Lower Manhattan is one of Konate’s options because it offers advanced coursework in science and math. But she is still visiting high school fairs in New York with her mother in order to fully know the options available to her.

When it comes to test scores, Konate, who attends KIPP STAR Harlem Middle School, a charter school, said she does not think they are going to affect her high school admission process because people know scores don’t determine a student’s overall performance.

“Some students do well in school but they don’t do well on test papers because of stress,” Konate said. “I don’t think it really affects your chances of getting into a good high school.”

Hakeem Muhammad is a student at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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