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Remainders: Pressure mounts for King to reschedule meetings

  • An upstate state senator wants John King to un-cancel the Common Core forums he nixed. (Capital NY)
  • The Department of Education wants to find a corporate sponsor to pay for student planners. (NY World)
  • Student journalists tackle the city’s new teacher evaluation system, finding mixed feelings. (WJPS Blazer)
  • Joe Lhota’s charter schools campaign ad is on solid ground factually, an analysis finds. (City Room)
  • A parent who fundraised for her children’s school with verve says the needs are too great now. (Times)
  • A Neighborhood School parent has safety concerns about construction slated for the school. (Lo-Down)
  • Continuing the “My TFA Time” meme, a former teacher describes how she almost quit but didn’t. (Atlantic)
  • From a poor school in Mexico comes a picture of the mounting power of student-led learning. (Wired)
  • Nashville is calling its middle schools as “middle preps” to compete with the charter sector. (Tennessean)