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Rise & Shine: UFT asks to halt using tests to make decisions

  • The teachers union cites missing curriculum as the reason it’s calling for a moratorium. (GothamSchools)
  • Bill de Blasio says he would change the city’s elite high school admissions process. (Daily News)
  • A new study shows that struggling schools are burdened by students who enter system late. (NY Post)
  • For the sixth straight year, the city plans to skip public hearings on spending plan. (GothamSchools)
  • Charter supporters ask the next mayor to open 100 new charter schools in his first term. (GS In Brief)
  • Charter advocates say they will fight back if candidate Bill de Blasio tries to charge rent. (NY Post)
  • The community and elected officials oppose co-locating a new middle school with I.S. 171. (GS In Brief)
  • NYC picked four education nonprofits to receive funding for the Young Men’s Initiative. (GS In Brief)