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Remainders: A mayoral contender has harsh words for the UFT

  • Dem-turned-Republican mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion Jr. said the UFT is “out of touch.” (Capital NY)
  • Some students who store cell phones during the day use BlackBerrys, but few want to. (Metropolis)
  • Looking back on his own schooling, an educator asks how much testing is enough. (More Thoughtful)
  • A Missouri lawmaker wants gun safety classes for all students and assailant training for teachers. (KCTV)
  • And a Tennessee lawmaker would cut welfare payments for families whose kids lag in school. (HuffPo)
  • Bill Gates’ stance on teacher evals has not changed, though he agrees the devil’s in the details. (Atlantic)
  • Newly released emails suggest that Jeb Bush is trying to influence state education laws. (Answer Sheet)
  • What happens when students from “no excuses” schools get to college remains unresolved. (Ed Next)
  • True or false: “Ninth graders like learning colorful expressions in Yiddish” and so on? (McSweeney’s)

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