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Remainders: At the UFT, the rising cost of pensions is personal

  • The UFT’s latest filings show the union has growing pension costs for its own staff. (Dropout Nation)
  • A surprising new answer to the puzzle of why urban crime rates dropped in the 90’s. (Mother Jones)
  • The new chairman of the House subcommittee on K-12 policy is an Indiana conservative. (Politics K-12)
  • A critic of excessive education spending charges that consolidation isn’t the right path. (Antonucci)
  • Mayoral candidate Tom Allon is hosting an informational event for parents. (Tom Allon for Mayor)
  • A teacher and his school leader talk about how to make teacher retention work in practice. (Goldstein)
  • The path to McKinsey and Goldman Sachs continues to run through Teach For America. (Dealbook)
  • Report: New teachers are no more likely to use technology in the classroom than veterans. (Ed Week)
  • An argument against teaching “thinking skills” apart from content. (Behavior Guru via Joanne Jacobs)
  • Inside the Newark blended-learning charter school at the heart of a heated dispute. (Hechinger Report)
  • The next frontier of government-funded education research: continuous-improvement ideas. (ISR)
  • An Israeli news site features Paul Tough, using a photo of him and his son from our event. (Calcalist)

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