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Remainders: Some movement in bus strike, as families struggle

  • School bus companies and the striking drivers union are set to meet without the mayor. (Daily News)
  • In an open letter, a mother describes how her family has been disrupted by the bus strike. (SchoolBook)
  • Shelly Silver says penalizing city students over evals will be a hard budget sell. (NY1 via Capital Tonight)
  • In a mayoral debate, Tom Allon called NYCHA’s former chief the “Cathie Black of housing.” (Capital NY)
  • N.J. supe (and former NYC-er) Chris Cerf is meeting with a senate ed committee, finally. (NJ Spotlight)
  • Check into a school on FourSquare and now you can pull up its socioeconomic profile. (ProPublica)
  • A teacher annotates the instructions he got when working at a distributed grading center. (NYC Educator)
  • A teacher theorizes that “accuse and remove,” not charge, rules teacher discipline now. (NYCDOENuts)
  • One of the teachers who has been accused and removed is starting a rubber room TV show. (Portelos)
  • Newtown, Conn., is asking not to take state tests due to school shooting-induced trauma. (Answer Sheet)
  • After-school advocates say Gov. Cuomo’s extended day proposal is in line with the times. (Times-Union)
  • A teacher describes how she took steps to let students own their learning. (No Sleep Til Summer 1, 2)
  • Retired police officers are still angling to become as armed school guards on Staten Island. (JJIE)
  • Parents who clicked on Chicago’s schools chief’s Common Core link got a racy surprise. (Chicagoist)

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