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Remainders: Quinn says a teacher eval sunset is okay by her

  • Unlike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn is okay with setting a teacher evaluation sunset date. (Capital NY)
  • A teacher says he resolved mixed feelings about catching a cheater by eating the cheat sheet. (Yo Mista)
  • Michael Powell: Mayor Bloomberg is imperiling his education legacy by fighting with unions. (City Room)
  • The head of the Children’s Aid Society points out that “community schools” are nothing new. (HuffPo)
  • A Montessori school in Crown Heights aims to be a new model for ultra-Orthodox yeshivas. (DNA Info)
  • A report from a union activist handicaps the UFT’s soon-to-be-scheduled elections. (Ed Notes)
  • The Obama administration’s education reach far outstrips that of its predecessors. (Hechinger)
  • All evidence suggests that not only does high school suck, but its suckiness lasts forever. (NYMag)
  • The group that’s carrying the CFE lawsuit’s torch is pushing the state not to penalize city schools. (ELC)
  • Researchers assessed Democracy Prep’s efforts to teach “operational citizenship.” (AEI via Rick Hess)

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