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The Fit Teacher

Teaching is intense: teachers rise early, eat sporadically, stand and move constantly, and are exposed to volatile environment conditions.

As schools look to improve teacher retention and prevent burnout, teacher wellness is often not discussed. Yet, there are basic things teachers can do to have better focus, move correctly throughout the classroom and prevent injury and pain while increasing your energy levels. In this workshop, teachers will learn how basic everyday habits are preventing them from teaching at their full capacity. Participants will leave understanding how to make that pain they feel disappear.

Presenter: Emory Moore Jr.

Emory has studied worldwide and trained individuals such as Sean “Puffy” Combs and Jennifer Lopez. Emory’s expertise helps schools increase the capacity of teacher talent and improves school culture through customized workshops focusing on health through movement. Emory, who is passionate about education, believes increasing teacher effectiveness inherently means equipping them with the tools to care for themselves and build better classroom cultures. He has translated this knowledge and customized his programming to help cultivate successful schools. Most recently, Emory is working with Teaching Firms Of America (TFOA)- Professional Prep to help improve their professional and student cultures.

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